The Process for Stamped Concrete

Having a stamped concrete at home is a plus to have extra beautification on your residence. Not only by the reason of beauty but for the longevity of the property and lessen the maintenance and it could also give the chance to resell the property even higher. This is a one-time effort that makes a longer result. It only needs proper care and expertise in doing this well.   




There are lots of things to consider in making this done. Before going further, it’s quite good if you have just a little idea of how to stamp concrete. Before choosing your style and designs, let’s go first to the basic things to make these things done.  

In ensuring to have the best result, the greater output and everything must be in place properly because this work is meticulously done. A step-by-step process must be properly put into place as this work takes a lot of patience and time. Otherwise, it could be done inappropriately and then it requires a lot of money after all. Somehow, homeowners need to be wise in choosing the one to the process with proper touch and care. 


Have you ever asked yourself if you are going to stamp concrete on your own, can you make it? Well, you need some experts on these. You need some who can do the work. There are different techniques in making the step-by-step process and procedures in the making but as long as there is an excellent output then you will be amazed and have some relief. The process in making this done include the following:  

  • The preparation. Of course, everything must be prepared. The materials, like bricks, tiles, woods, colors armor, and concrete. Aside from the materials needed, the job cannot be done if the worker is not yet ready. Everything must fall in place before starting.  
  • Putting up the forms. After deciding what design would it be then the woods or steels must be in the form ready to be placed by concrete.   
  • Pouring the concrete. Putting all the concrete that was needed in the making. Just make sure that it has the exact amount of what it needs to have. This would act as the base. This must be strong and founded.  
  • Applying color hardener. This process would be needed before the release of the agent that makes our concrete ready. This would make the color stick to the process.  
  • Applying release agent. This process helps the concrete at the place. The agent helps to prevent adhesion on the placed concrete in forming area   
  • Pre-texturing. This is the process where the slab needs to test for its texture after the concrete has been ready. This is where the stamps will hold onto.  
  • Placing the stamps. After all these processes, this procedure will intact the output. After putting in the stamps and sealing them, this will be ready afterward and the process is done.